Tait Network improves quality of life through the built environment.

We are a collective of Architects, Landscape Architects and Urbanists who care about great design, vital spaces and environmental responsibility.

We create beautiful, functional and sustainable places through architecture, landscape architecture and urban design.

We believe that life can be improved through great design; buildings that balance functionality and delight, green spaces that enliven and offer respite or adventure, empathetic urban design that understands how people move and what we need to get the most out of our places.

Our team is multi-disciplinary and collaborative. We address problems and create solutions from a variety of perspectives. Thanks to our we are able to design complete holistic spaces that incorporate the built and natural environments.

We facilitate community consultation, collaborate with a variety of industry groups and intersect with other sectors to provide a full understanding of what places need to work for all of us. We’re leading experts in research techniques designed to understand how people use cities, and how cities can become better places to work and play.

Obelia Tait Director

Obelia Tait

Rhys Aleksandric Associate (Landscape Architect)

Rhys Aleksandric
Associate (Landscape Architect)

Richmond Henty Associate (Architect)

Richmond Henty
Associate (Architect)

Louise Woodruff Associate (Landscape Architect)

Louise Woodruff
Associate (Landscape Architect)

Hatley Laughridge Associate (Practice Manager)

Hatley Laughridge
Associate (Practice Manager)

Kaleyan Chan Graduate Architect

Kaleyan Chan
Graduate Architect

Aliza Levy Student Urban Designer

Aliza Levy
Student Urban Designer

Glen Martin Communication Manager

Glen Martin
Communication Manager

Jack Moleta Student Architect

Jack Moleta
Student Architect

Emerson Ramos Urban Designer

Emerson Ramos
Urban Designer

Meg Roberts Student Landscape Architect

Meg Roberts
Student Landscape Architect

Fiona Smith du Toit Senior Architect

Fiona Smith du Toit
Senior Architect

William Yao Student Architect

William Yao
Student Architect